Valentine’s DIY Gift Ideas

Ah, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I am feeling anxious because I haven’t prepared anything for him yet. And he hates it when I spend money on gifts for him.

So, I just consulted my best friend, Google for DIY gift ideas and here are my top picks:

(1) 52 Reasons I Love You


Isn’t this just so adorable? It is portable so he could bring it around and constantly be reminded of my love ~

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Valentine’s DIY Gift Ideas

Why Pilates?

tumblr_mspwvbtp5f1r6u05ro1_500I started doing pilates a couple of months ago.

My friend had recommended me to Blogilates, a website by Cassey Ho who has been a great inspiration to me. She has always been positive and encouraging during the workouts and has even designed workouts for beginners (POPilates) as well. This has made my pilates journey a less intimidating one, given that I was an almost sedentary person for the past few years due to my laziness and procrastination.

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Why Pilates?


Square simple blank white photo frame on wall
So, I read this post on LinkedIn, which talked about developing keystone habits. And according to the author, blogging is one of the most powerful habits that we can develop because (1) it helps us to learn, (2) it helps us to reach our goals faster, and (3) it helps us to become a better writer (which is something that I really need to work on).

Hence, here I am, back on WordPress – many years after the era of Blogger and WordPress boom – just to pen down some random thoughts or lessons that I have gleaned in life, before they become ephemeral.

Stay tune.